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  • Who We Are

    Hello my name is Amanda and I would like to introduce you to Posh Paws.

    I opened Posh Paws Nails and Beauty in August 2008 and have successfully built a thriving business to date. In my early days I provided a mobile service and was successfully based in a salon for 4 years before setting out on my own. Going it alone I remained at home for two years in a beautiful summer house which my clients very much adored, before taking my first step on the high street in Chichester. I successfully continued to build a much larger client base where I took on new members of staff to join little old me. Four years later we relocated to Aldwick into larger premises introducing tanning and our beauty department.

    I have always aimed high in delivering a friendly and professional service and creating an experience where you're welcomed to return time and time again. I love my existing clients and looking forward to welcoming and meeting new ones.

    Tanya is our 'Lash specialist'. She joined us in August 2012 and 'rumour has it' her lashes are the best in town. Again, taking much pride and passion in her work, her results have simply done us proud. Her talents don't end here, Tanya is also an experienced Nail Technician delivering high quality finishes in both acrylic & gel enhancements.

  • Gel Nail Extensions

    Gel is relatively new to the world of nails. It has only become more recognised in the past 10 years and has become a growing favourite. Gel is a ready made substance that self levels and so reduces filing techniques causing less harm and stimulated friction to the nail plate.

    There are no chemicals involved in the hardening process however this system does require a UV light form to cure the product. Gel contains oligomer - a partially polymerised polymer (or a few molecules of gel already linked together).

    The oligomer is the backbone of the gel that determines its strength, toughness, flexibility, shine and scratch resistance. Gel is an odourless procedure and is favoured for its ultra clear and permanent natural high shine. It can be used with tips or as a natural nail overlay and is brushed on in stages creating coatings of structure to build you perfect strong, flexible, durable, and long lasting nails.

    Gel is my most popular demand in salon.

    My top selling look, is my 'Permanent French Manicure'

    This procedure can be applied directly to your natural nails or to your enhancements and involves working with a white coloured gel that is painted on to create that perfect smile line. Layers of clear/pink gel is then applied coating the white gel making it 'permanently sealed'.

    This creates great benefits - not having to wait for lengthy drying times, no chips, no cracks, no smudges, no discolouring and is versatile in allowing you to be able to paint a colour on top and when removed with a non-acetone polish remover, you nails still remain naturally shiny and unmarked.

    This can also be applied to toe nails - again another very popular procedure I carry out in the salon. Clients love not having to worry about how they’re toes look in strappy shoes. You become as confident with showing off your feet, just as you do showing off new nail enhancements. Again, versatile for painting and when removing polish, remaining unmarked beneath.

    Gel's also come in a variety of colours. So if you love to wear the same colour constantly, you will much benefit wearing a coloured gel that again, you will not have to endure any waiting of drying times etc as explained above. Another great favourite for toe nails, especially summer holidays, weddings and special occasions.

    Gel is a non - porous product and so will not absorb colour additives from varnishes . Hence always remaining naturally shiny. You will sometimes notice when removing polish from Acrylics a dull appearance of the surface or colour absorption that has penetrated into the surface of the nail product. With gel, this does not happen.

    Most gels are resilient to solvents so it cannot be soaked off like other systems. The product has to be buffed off . People panic when they hear this but any qualified nail technician is trained to remove gel nails safely and professionally without causing any damage to the natural nails. It is always advised that anyone wanting nail enhancements removed returns to the salon to have them removed professionally.

    I work with two gels, one of which is removed in acetone, just like other systems. Bio gel is an organically friendly gel designed to work with natural nails creating, overlays, enhancing those that have beautiful nails already but want to maximise strength. However if working with tips I use a gel that is slightly more durable to create stronger longer lasting nails. The two systems are as equally used in salon for different nail types and people’s different lifestyles.

    I advise a consultation with your technician to determine the best system for you.

    Oil and Condition

    As with all nail systems, it is still vitally important to oil your nail as you will be advised from your technician. Oiling your nails is as important as conditioning your hair and moisturising your face. Hair and nails are both made up of keratin cells and generally both will be of similar condition. Many of us forget to condition our nails, yet we take for granted, that we actually use them for everything, so they do get they're fair share of wear and tear.

    Home maintenance

    I can enhance the beauty of your nails, by giving you your desired look and my expertise and knowledge behind keeping your nails healthy by delivering a profession and salon clean service, but it is down to you at home to oil and condition your nails in the meantime.

    Working with me, together, you can and will have beautiful nails, with or without nail extensions.

  • Fibreglass Nails

    Fibreglass nails, although are not very well recognised, actually became the last of the systems to be invented. Although never really took off the same way acrylics & gels did. It's a system within its own.

    Have you heard of the expression Silk Wraps? Wraps? Well this is the system we are referring to.

    Fibreglass and Silk are used in the exact same production of this system. The difference between its similarities are the woven effects in which its manufactured. Silk is silk and is a much more close knit weave.

    Fibreglass is a material made from extremely fine fibres of glass & so when combined with a resin it becomes a perfect strengthener. They both appear as a little piece of material that when looked at closely before its adhesion to the enhancements, appears like little box/square type patterns. In some finished results you can sometimes see the pattern when looking closely at the nails. This should not be apparent. When the system is applied correctly you will be presented with the most fine, thin, clear and natural looking set of nails. Despite not being so popular they are in ways superior. Fibreglass is one of the lightest, strongest and most flexible materials Its flexibility gives a strength of its own, no wonder surfboards and speed boats as well as car and aircraft manufacturers switched to fibreglass fabrication long ago.

    This system is ideal for clients who have beautiful growing nails and are in need of a little added strength to maintain they're beauty. It can also be used with tips/enhancements & also white tips creating a Permanent French Manicure look. When I refer to a Permanent French Manicure look I mean you can benefit the versatility of painting over these nails with a colour and leaving your French look unmarked beneath. It also is a great repair kit. This system is used to repair splits/tears lower down in the nail beds to help with growing them out. Great for those who are going out for a night and need some SOS on that one nail that will always break/split just because your going out!

    I too, also like to use this system as an aid in rejuvenating damaged nails when assisting new clients who have been previous nail enhancement wearers and possibly exposed to poor treatment. This system is the easiest & quickest product to remove.

    The application to this system is aided with a silk or fibreglass mesh being placed over the surface of the nail plate or enhancement. A thin layer of resin is applied which is absorbed and then activated using a activator spray. As the mesh absorbs the resin, it becomes transparent leaving the nail plate visible. Several coats of resin are applied building structure and creating strength. Shaping adjustments are then made, before buffing to a natural high shine finish.

    As with all 3 systems it is important to oil your enhancements.

    This system is easily removed by soaking in a special solution. It is always advised you return to your technician to have these enhancements removed. They should only be removed professionally to prevent any damage to your natural nail which can occur if this process is not carried out correctly.

    All systems are safe in application and removal when carried out by a qualified nail technician. Artificial nails will do little damage to your natural nails but they won't make them healthier. Applying artificial nails is like colouring your hair, once you start, it can be a lifetime commitment but whenever you stop your nails will look the same as they did before you started, just the same as your hair will return to it natural colour should you stop putting colour on. Although I can create ‘instant’ beautiful long lasting artificial nails I can also promote and encourage growing your nails naturally with regular 'Jessica Manicures' and home care maintenance programme's.

    Never be afraid to ask questions. Your technician should always advise you correctly. Your technician should always sound confident and knowledgeable behind her/his profession. Always look out for certifications of your technicians experience.

    Please also be aware that nail technicians are only qualified to beautify the hands/feet and not to diagnose or treat nail diseases or disorders. Although these areas are briefed in training and can be recognised & sometimes helped please seek advice from your doctor or dermatologist for a proper diagnoses and medical treatment if necessary.

  • Acrylic Nail Enhancements

    Acrylic is the one nail enhancement that undoubtedly everyone has heard of. It is still very much top of salon list when it comes to offering a nail service. Acrylic was founded many years ago and originated from use in dentistry procedures. Following its discovery it was then improved chemically to a formulation that was on more of a 'nail-friendly' scale.

    There had been much controversy that acrylic nails damage natural nails. Dentistry acrylics contained a chemical called MMA (methalmethacrylate) which over the years of the nail industry evolving and it being used to create acrylic enhancements, figures began to rise in consumer complaints in which the FBA prohibited in the late 70's.

    When I refer to MMA and EMA liquid, I refer to the liquid that is used with a powder to create acrylic nails. EMA (ethalmethacrylate) then replaced MMA Liquid. This is a chemical based product that most reputable nail technicians will practice today in salons to deliver a kind, and safe service to clients. However there are still salons/technicians that will use a MMA based liquid to carry out your treatment. MMA is so so strong that women who have already worn this product think they're the best set of nails they’ve ever had because they're been invincibly unbreakable. Thinking logically about this, when having our false teeth made we wouldn't be wanting them to break as we bite into our food, now imagine breaking a nail; its not the enhancement that shatters but instead our natural nail. Hence the inflation of complaints made back in the 70's. EMA liquids have larger molecules which give nail enhancements strength, durability longer lasting and most importantly flexibility. When the enhancement breaks, the enhancement breaks. Not your nail. Unless or course you slam it in a door or any other untoward accident.

    The point is we believe that artificial nails should not only be beautiful, they should not damage the natural nail. They are enhancements. Not replacements. It is the responsibility of all professional nail technicians to protect the health of they're clients natural nails and a good place of start is by using responsibly formulated products, to learn safe and proper techniques and to be compliant with health and safety and sanitisation regulations.

    Never feel afraid to ask your technician if they are EMA friendly.

    Signs to look out for (for MMA use) are - cloudy or milky coloured when cured, enhancements will not soak off in solvents designed to remove acrylics, enhancements are extremely hard and very difficult to file even with coarse abrasives, MMA has an unusual strong or strange odour which does not smell like other acrylic liquids (although liquids do have a strong odour I'm sure most of us recognise that smell when entering a salon) low cost full sets or fills, dust or ventilation masks worn by technicians and unlabeled containers.

    Acrylic's in my salon are definitely EMA friendly.

    Acrylic's are made up of a powder (polymer) and a liquid (monomer) that when mixed together a polymerisation occurs and cures into a plastic acrylic - your nails. It is a work of art that involves sculpting with or without a tip and is then filed and buffed into a perfect nail enhancement.

    Acrylic is the most amazing and versatile product I have worked with. Creativity is my forte and the joy I experience from performing acrylic nails satisfies me immensely.Acrylic is the one nail enhancement that undoubtedly everyone has heard of.

    It is still very much top of salon list when it comes to offering a nail service. Acrylic was founded many years ago and originated from use in dentistry procedures. Following its discovery it was then improved chemically to a formulation that was on more of a 'nail-friendly' scale.

    Acrylic divinities's range from performing -

    • Sculpted Nails - a sticky paper form is placed around the finger, beneath the free edge of the nail and acrylic is sculpted upon it building new nails. Great also for nail biters, damaged nail beds, and damaged toe nails.
    • Coloured Acrylics - Allows you to create fun funky looking nails. From elegant pink and white's, colour fades and coloured glitters.
    • Perfect to use with white tips creating a permanent French look.
    • Sculpting of 3D work Creating all sorts that you never thought imaginable - 3D roses, pansies, poppy's, leaves, orchids, holly leaves, snowmen and what ever my little brushes come up with next.

    My recently 'passed' training has been learning how to create my 3D work, so I'm sure you will be as excited by seeing my results as I have been. Requests are coming in thick and fast.

    Acrylic, like other systems will require an infill appointment 2-3 weeks after your first set has been applied. This involves buffing down the acrylic and rebalancing with a new acrylic layer filling the gap that becomes apparent at the base of your nail around the cuticle area. And always Oil Oil Oil.

    Acrylic is the strongest of all 3 products and is much more suitable for those who are very heavy handed.

    Acrylic is easily removed by being dissolved in acetone which would normally take around 30-40 minutes. This should always be done by a professional nail technician. Those that try it at home themselves will never complete the job as a professional trained nail technician would. We are as professionals, serious about removing nails as we are putting them on for you.

  • Permanent French Manicure and Gel Toes

    Permanent French Manicure is my most popular in-salon look. Clients love it!!

    The criteria behind this look follows our gel system. The exact same method of application but adding a white gel to create that perfect French smile. The white gel is applied beneath the application of the clear/pink gel and is cured using a UV light form making the finished result permanent. This means that your French manicure becomes unmarked.

    When it comes to maintaining this look, you will at least every 4-6 weeks need a rebalance of the white gel.

    This is because as your nails grow the white will eventually grown down past the point of your original smile line and you will be able to see it because the clear/pink gel is transparent. When having permanent white gel applied for the first time I will always create a deeper smile line past where your original smile line appears. Not only does this create more lengthy looking nails it helps become more cost effective to yourself. Each time a rebalance is appointed you incur the extra cost on your infill appointment. So therefore you will only incur the rebalance cost every other infill or every other other infill, depending of course on how fast your nails grow. Gel work is initially performed with clear/pink gels to create natural looking finishes. Along side our clear/pink/white gels, gels also come in a range of colours just as your favourite nail polishes do. Applying coloured gels gives you instant permanent colour. Great if you like to wear the same colour constantly. Darker shades/colours can be applied over lighter colours, but invariably will need completely re-doing should another colour be required. This is more popular on toe nails. Especially during the summer months and for holidays.

    Benefits -

    • No need to sit for long periods of drying time.
    • Versatile for painting - going out for the night? Paint them your favourite colour and when removing your polish your French manicure remains unmarked.
    • Can create extra length to short nails.
    • Scratch resistant.
    • Fresh and clean looking
    • Permanently shiny.
    • Natural looking.
    • No chips, no smudges, just great looking nails all the time.
    • Hand painted Nail Art compliments this look also.
    • Not only is this my most popular in-salon demand, it has become an all time favourite on toe nails too.

    Its creates, fresh clean looking toe nails all year round, that again goes unmarked. Applying this method to toe nails simply beautifies the feet to another level. This service includes, a tidy up of cuticles, a shaping of the nails and the application creates a disillusioned effect leaving perfect lengthy tidy toe nails.

    An infill appointment to rebalance your toe nails is not needed as regularly as with fingernails. This is because your toe nails grow at a more slower rate. This treatment will last your around 6-8 weeks before any maintenance is required. As with infill's on your finger nails, the gel is filed down, the white is rebalanced and is then sealed with a further application of the clear/pink gel. Leaving your nails looking as good as new. Like with your finger nails, you can too, paint over them with your favourite polish leaving a tidy French beneath and still in perfect condition when removed. Great for summer months, holidays, weddings, parties or just to have fabulous looking toe nails all year round. Like us ladies need an excuse or an occasion.

    Home maintenance

    I can enhance the beauty of your nails, by giving you your desired look and my expertise and knowledge behind keeping your nails healthy by delivering a profession and salon clean service, but it is down to you at home to oil and condition your nails in the meantime.

    Working with me, together, you can and will have beautiful nails, with or without nail extensions.

  • Facials

    Pore'fect Pick Me Up

    30 mins  |  £24.00

    A great facial to treat yourself to when you need a little 'pick me up'. Starting with a deep cleanse, your skin will already feel fresh. Following your skin analysis, an exfoliant specifically chosen for your skin needs will be applied and worked in with steam to leave your skin felling soft and smooth. Finishing with a moisturiser to protect and revitalise.

    Pore'fectly Deluxe

    60 mins  |  £32.00

    No excuses needed for spoiling ourselves 'deluxe' style. It's all in the name. Following our 'Pore'fect Pick me up' we'll include a head, neck and shoulder massage for the ultimate relaxation experience. A mask is specifically chosen for your skin needs and whilst we let it penetrate we'll take your relaxation experience to the next level and perform a luxury hand massage. Removing the mask we'll complete your experience with a revitalising moisturiser leaving you feeling completely 'deluxed'.

    Pore'fectly Male

    30 mins  |  £23.00

    We haven't forgot you guys. Performing a cleanse and tone treatment to freshen and revitalise your skin. Includes a facial massage (head,neck and shoulder) and finishing with a facial moisturiser.

    Lil Miss Pore'fect

    20 mins  |  £16.00

    Looking after our under 15's, we'll introduce you to the essence of looking after our skin. Performing a cleanse, tone treatment to freshen and revitalise your skin. Including a facial massage (head,neck and shoulder) and finishing with a facial moisturiser.

  • Eye Treatments

    A patch test is required 24 hours before any tinting treatments.

    Eyebrow shape


    Shaping the eyebrows using wax and tweezers for that perfect tidy up.

    Eyelash tint


    Brow tint


    Lash and brow tint


    Enhance eyelashes and eyebrows and add defintion by darkening these features. Will last 2-3 weeks.


    All timings include consultations.

    Full set

    1.5hrs approx  |  £40.00


    60 mins  |  £26.00

    Individual lashes are delicately placed in between your own natural lashes to enhance and maximise. Over the course of 2-3 weeks your lashes naturally shed and so you will need to return to have them topped up to re-enhance.

  • Waxing

    Full Leg


    Full Leg and Bikini


    3/4 Leg


    1/2 Leg


    Bikini Line


    Under Arm




    Lip or Chin


    Lip and Chin










    Back and Chest


    A semi-permanent method of hair removal leaving the area hair free for 2 to 6 weeks. The more frequently waxing is performed the less hair will eventually grow back.

  • Massage

    Full Body Massage

    60 mins  |  £32.00

    A trigger point massage that will ease aching and tired muscles helping soothe your body and mind.

    Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

    30 mins  |  £22.00

    Working areas that may be knotty, swollen or sore leaving you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

    Hot Stone Massage

    30 mins  |  £26.00

    Hot Stone Massage

    60 mins  |  £36.00

    Instant Relaxation. Using warm stones the heat radiates through the body boosting relaxation and releasing muscle tension. One massage stroke with a warm stone is the equivalent of 5-10 of your hand.

    Sports Therapy Massage

    Full Sports Body Massage

    60 mins  |  £40.00

    Back, neck, shoulders, head, scalp & ears, front & back legs, hips, knees, front & back arms and elbows.

    Sports Back & Shoulder Massage

    30 mins  |  £25.00

    Upper back, mid back, lower back, arms, neck and shoulders.

    Leg Therapy

    30 mins  |  £20.00

    Back & front thighs & calves and feet.

    Arms Therapy

    30 mins  |  £20.00

    Back & front, shoulders and deltoid.

  • Tanning


    3 mins  |  £2.40

    6 mins  |  £4.80

    9 mins  |  £7.20

    12 mins  |  £9.60

    15 mins  |  £12.00

    Sunbed Course

    60 mins  |  £36.00

    (Over 18's only - you may be asked for ID)
    Goggles to be worn at all times.
    Consultation form needs to be completed before treatment.

    Sunbed acceleration creams avalible to purchase.

  • Nail Extensions

    Gel / Acrylic / Silk / Fibreglass

    Natural Finish  £38.00  /  Shellac Finish  £41.00  /  French Finish  £46.00

    Gel is a relatively new product in the nail industry. It is a ready-made and self levelling product set using UV light form. It is recognised and favoured for its natural high shine glossy appearance. Creates a perfect permanent French look including coloured finishes.

    Acrylic - Using an acrylic liquid mix with powders of all colours creating strong durable nails buffed to a natural high shine.

    Fibreglass / Silk - A fibreglass or Silk protection over enhancements built up with layers of resin buffed to a natural high shine. Also great protection over natural nails to help strengthen weak and brittle conditions.

    Natural Nail Overlays
    Shellac upgrade add £6.00


    Can you maintain the length of your nails but find they can be too brittle when they reach a certain length? No problem. Gel coat or Silk / Fibreglass your natural nails to enhance their strength, quality and shine. No tips required.


    Natural Finish  £27.00  /  Shellac Finish  £33.00  /  French rebalance  £37.00

    Your natural nails will continue to grow with your enhancements and a small gap will appear at the base of the nail around the cuticle area which will require in-filling every 2-3 weeks.


    Shellac Hands or Toes - Colour  £30.00  /   French £35.00

    Designed for perfection to give you long lasting and perfect manicured nails for up to 2-4 weeks. Wears like gel. Flawless finish. Smudge and Scratch resistant. No drying time. Yes really! Stocking over 100 colours to choose from.

    Nail Art

    From  £8.00 - £18.00

    Select from one of my own designs. From subtle wedding designs to everyday wear and crazy party designs. There's something for every one.

    Your Home Care Explained

    Your New Nail Enhancements.

    Like all valuable possessions they need looking after and caring for to maintain their beauty. Please read the following guidelines. Remember that the nails are new to you. It will take a day or two to be accustomed to having long nails. Always choose a length that suits your life style :-

    • Return to the salon every 2-3 weeks for regular maintenance on your nails.
    • Always use a Non-Acetone Nail Polish remover when removing nail polish.
    • Use the pads of your fingers when lifting - not the tips of your nails. Knuckles are also a good source of help with
      difficult jobs.
    • Always use cuticle oil to keep treated nails fed and cuticles unattached.
    • Wear gloves when doing dirty jobs - gardening, painting, fake tans, hair dyes etc. and also when using hardy chemicals like bleach, oven cleaner, bathroom cleaner - anything corrosive.
    • Do not attempt to use nail clippers, scissors or metal nail files should your nails appear too long. This will shatter the enhancement. Always use a nail file recommended by your Nail Technician.
    • Do not pick at your nail enhancements.
    • Do not attempt to remove the nail enhancements yourself. It is advised to return to your Nail Technician for expert attention on removal and restoration of your natural nails.
    • Contact your Nail Technician if you are unable to make your appointment.
  • Manicures & Pedicures

    Standard Manicure
    Shellac upgrade add £10.00

    From  £27.00

    Tidy hands, tidy nails - a basic manicure to file and shape, soften and tidy your cuticles and a massage of the hands. A nail polish of your choice is optional.

    Deluxe Manicure
    Shellac upgrade add £10.00

    From  £30.00

    Just as above, we'll compliment with a hand scrub to exfoliate, a luxury mask with heated mitts to accelerate absorption, plus a hand and arm massage with a polish to finish.

    Standard Pedicure
    Shellac upgrade add £10.00

    From  £27.00

    Tidy hands, tidy nails - a basic manicure to file and shape, soften and tidy your cuticles and a massage of the hands.
    A nail polish of your choice is optional.

    Deluxe Pedicure
    Shellac upgrade add £10.00

    From  £30.00

    Go ahead and treat yourself to a Deluxe manicure - Performing a shape and buff to the nails and a tidy up of the cuticles. We will exfoliate with a hand scrub followed by a luxury hand mask with heated mitts and a hand and arm massage using a hand lotion to penetrate, moisturise and protect.

    Man-Ly Manicure

    Standard  £27.00  /  Deluxe  £32.00

    Yes, that's right, we even spoil you men too. Choose from our Deluxe or Standard manicure to spoil yourselves. Tidy hands, tidy nails - a basic manicure to file and shape, soften and tidy your cuticles and a massage of the hands. A nail polish of your choice is optional. A Paraffin Wax Manicure is superb for Labourer's hands helping with dry, chapped conditions.

    Little Miss Manicure (under 12yrs)

    £12.00  /  Add nail art for an extra   £3.00

    Lil Miss Teen Manicure (12 to 16 yrs)

    £15.00  /  Add nail art for an extra   £3.00

    A basic shape of the free edge and tidy up of the cuticle area plus a nail colour of your choice.

    Shape & Polish

    Custom Colours  £16.00  /  French  £20.00

    A tidy of the cuticles and a buff & shape of the natural nails.

    Itzy Glitzy Blitzy Toes


    Night out? Or just wanting glamorous toes? Have your nails shaped and polished choosing from a great selection of stunning designs and add sparkle with diamantes.

    Callus Peel


    Differing from our Pedicures. Breaking down hard skin and helping condition broken skin using a medically assisted acid peel to treat affected areas. Includes skin filing and massage to complete.

    Paraffin Wax Treatment

    Hands & feet  £18.00  /   or add this to a manicure or pedicure for just  £7.50

    This treatment is an extra special treat. Helps with blood circulation and medical conditions like arthritis and rheumatism.


    Minx Hands or Toes  £30.00  /   Minxy's Removal £15.00

    Minx is a patented flexible film that adheres to natural, gel and acrylic nails using heat. No need for dying time, no worrying about smudges, no need to redo!

    Additional Services

    • Tip replacement at time of in-fill£1.50
    • Tip removal (prior new set)£5.00
    • Tip replacement before next appt £4.50
    • Tip removal (full set) £18.00
    • French Manicure painted with extensions £5.00
    • 3D flowers (Acrylic) from £3.50
    • Diamantes 30p each
  • Shellac / Gelish

    Seeking this new revolution in nail care you may have come by in your searches the following Names : Geleration, Shellac, Gelac and maybe more. All these systems are much the same, only given they’re unique names by some of the most top branded nail companies within the nail industry. At Posh Paws Nails & Beauty we currently stock Shellac, Gellish, Geleration and Gelux. Giving you over 100 colors to choose from.

    • New UV Nail polish that soaks.
    • Applies like polish.
    • Acts like gel.
    • 50% nail poilish 50% gel.
    • Chip Resistant and Scratch Resistant.
    • Instant Dry.
    • Flawless 14 day wear finish.

    Shellac / Gelish Application.

    One colour  |  £30.00  /  French Finish  |  £35.00

    Gelsh is our new Revolutionised UV Nail Varnish. It will coat your natural nail to look just like you're wearing your favourite colours. It is designed for perfection, giving your perfect looking manicured nails for up to 3-4 weeks.

    Shellac / Gelish Toes

    One colour  |  £30.00  /  French Finish  |  £35.00

    A fab wear for toe nails also. No having to worry about putting your boots/shoes back on without smudging them.

  • Guitar Players

    Guitar players have become the 'all new clientele' in salon today.

    Within 3 months of launching and promoting this service, I have gained 5 clients who benefit the service of nail extensions to aid their career. I currently have 1 lady and 4 men. Yes that's right, men have braved entering this industry.

    Guitar players can use any of the three nail systems that I offer - Gel, Acrylic and Fibreglass.

    They will usually only want the one hand that they play with beautified/manicured. All 3 systems create different sounds on different playing/strumming techniques and on my feedback, different systems cater for different techniques. As a musician you will yourself favour a system that suits you and you're playing.

    I have heard several horror stories from my clients that involve all sorts of pre applied strengtheners and objects that I'm am sure could cause more harm than good. Some of these you may be familiar with - ping pong balls cut to shape of nails and glued to nail beds , wood glues used as adhesion for strengthening, craft glues used for strengthening. Welcome to Posh Paws guys!!!! Away with all that.

    On introducing any new male clients wanting to benefit from this service I can assure you that although this industry is very female orientated nail extensions today can look and feel like natural nails. My male clientele generally opt for a 'dulled' finish appearance rather than a naturally high shiny finish. I will create, shape and define your extensions to your personal preference. Duncan in particular, likes to have his nails, oval to one side and square to the other. All helps with his playing techniques and Duncan will always carry a nail file to tweak his own shapes and personal preference also. So you can walk out of my salon in confidence and not worry egoistically. I offer a professional service and would make you feel very welcome in my salon.


    • Uniformity and diversity of tone.
    • No more worrying about your nails.
    • To use with or as a plectrum, or instead of.
    • Great flexibility and durability.
    • Diverse playing techniques; flamenco, steel string players, finger picking styles.
    • No more damage caused to nails with use of glues and resins.
    • No more worrying about your nails.
    • No more having to settle for playing with imperfect nails.
    • A protection for your natural nails.
    • They feel and sound like natural nails.
  • The Jessica Systems

    For every problem there's a solution. All nails are NOT created equal.

    Like there are different types of hair and skin, there are also different types of nails that require individualised treatments. Choose your custom basecoat tailor-made for your nail type.


      Lack moisture. May have pronounced ridges. They may have white spots or powdery finish.



      Very hard, inflexible.
      May be curved. Tend to shatter, break high on the nail.



      Thin. Weak. Cracked. Lack lustre. The nails show no new growth.



      This is the goal. These nails are pink, strong, smooth and flexible. Reward them.



      Can occur in all nail types. This problem must be addressed first. Never file on the peeling area.



      Truly in need of some critical care. They're soft, weak, lifeless. Just won't grow.



      Thin, fragile. Prone to splitting or breaking. Need extra support to grow.



      Surface unsightly. Unsmooth. Ripply in appearance.



    • Start with a clean, dry nail
    • Generously apply treatments and colours, using 8-10 strokes
    • Make sure you seal edges
    • All bottle necks should be cleaned and bottles filled daily

    FOOTNOTE: Once condition improves, treatment must be changed back for the specific nail type of Dry, Brittle,
    Normal or Damaged.

  • Choose your Basecoat

    • Bend Don't Break

      • Hardens nails on the outside, makes nails flexible on the inside
      • Increased flexibility stops nails from breaking so they bend instead
    • Fusion

      • Stops nails from peeling, chipping
        and flaking
      • Rubberised resins fuse the delicate layers of the nail together
      • Helps strengthen nails
    • Restoration

      • After-Acrylic Nail Basecoat
      • Restores and rebuilds damaged nails from foundation to surface
    • Critical Care

      • Basecoat for Weak Nails
      • Intensive complex of Keratin, Soy and Wheat Proteins with Calcium hardens severely weakened nails
      • Helps strengthen nails
    • Rejuvenation

      • Adds much needed moisture to nails
      • Intensive complex of Protein KSW®, Jojoba, Vitamin E and Water condition and heal nails
    • Recovery

      • Restores suppleness and alleviates breaking
      • Moisturising protein, calcium and water complex increases flexibility
    • Reward

      • Maintains healthy, normal nails
      • Vitamin-rich therapy includes Vitamins A, C D, and E and natural botanicals
    • Life Jacket

      • Instant support for nails that easily break
      • Natural Fibres cushion the nail to protect them from breaking
    • Endurance

      • Formulated with genuine Diamond particles
      • Protective basecoat that make nails super-strong and helps prevent breakage
    • Flawless

      • Hides ridges and imperfections
      • Protects and strengthens the nail
    • Liquid Strength

      • Boosts nail growth
      • Highly concentrated nail fortifier helps thicken the nail plate and corrects nail weakness
    • Pure Maintenance

      • Healthy nail maintenance
      • Protects and maintains flexibility while preserving moisture levels in the nail for a lifetime of beautiful nails
  • The Finishing Touches

    • Brilliance

      • Fast Drying Topcoat
      • Dries nails in a flash and leaves a high gloss shine
      • Prevents yellowing, chipping and smudging
    • Diamonds - Dazzle

      • Glistening topcoat
      • Formulated with genuine Diamonds
      • Strengthening topcoat with incredible shine
    • Top Priority

      • Ultra-sealing glaze
      • Seals and protects the manicure
      • Works like a 'ceramic glaze' for long-lasting wear
    • Quick Dry

      • 60-second drying
      • Special film formers invisibly prevent nails from scratching, smudging and wrinkling
      • Protects fresh manicures and pedicures
  • Specialty Treatments

    • Coat of Armour

      • Natural Nail Shield that mimics an Acrylic Nail
      • One thin coat creates a protective shield over the nail
      • Prevents breaking and chipping without damaging the natural nail
    • Nibble No More

      • Stops Nail Biting
      • Bitter Cactus Extract will end the lifelong habit of biting nails and cuticles
    • Nail Whitener

      • Natural Nail Concealer
      • Smoothes and conceals yellow, lifeless and dull nails
    • Peeling Nail and After Acrylic Kits

      • Complete at-home nail treatment kits easily solve the two most common nail problems: pealing and weakness
      • Everything you need to stop nails from peeling or rebuild weak and damaged nails
  • Hands and Cuticles

    • Phenomen Oil

      • Natural Nail Shield that mimics an Acrylic Nail
      • One thin coat creates a protective shield over the nail
      • Prevents breaking and chipping without damaging the natural nail
    • Nibble No More

      • Stops Nail Biting
      • Bitter Cactus Extract will end the lifelong habit of biting nails and cuticles
    • Hydracreme

      • Natural Nail Concealer
      • Smoothes and conceals yellow, lifeless and dull nails
    • Hand and Body Emulsion

      • Complete at-home nail treatment kits easily solve the two most common nail problems: pealing and weakness
      • Everything you need to stop nails from peeling or rebuild weak and damaged nails
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